EEG: First Episode Psychosis vs. Control Resting Task 1

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Resting EEG and MEG data was gathered for two independently collected samples of healthy and First Episode Psychosis (FEP) individuals. To obtain resting data, EEG channels were recorded for 5 minutes using an Elekta Neuromag Vectorview system. EEG was recorded using a low-impedance 10-10 system 60-channel cap. The first collected sample of EEG data is provided here. This sample includes a portion of subjects from the second acquisition (EEG: First Episode Psychosis vs. Control Resting Task 2), since they were collected using the same montage. The subjects from Task 2 that have been included here are: sub-2140A, sub-2170A, sub-2174A, sub-2176A, sub-2177A, sub-2184A, sub-2193A, sub-2214A, sub-2217A, sub-2221A.

The phenotype directory contains clinical assessment results and data divided by type for all subjects. The assessment results were categorized as follows: BPRS - Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale, SANS - Scale for Assessment of Negative Symptoms, SAPS - Scale for Assessment of Positive Symptoms, GAFGAS - Global Assessment of Functioning, SFS - Social Functioning Scale, MATRICS - MATRICS Consensus Cognitive Battery, WASI - Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence, Hollingshead - Hollingshead Four-Factor Index of Socioeconomic Status, Medications - Chlorpromazine equivalency of prescribed medication at time of EEG scan. Values/scores that were not collected and questions without given responses are denoted by n/a.

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Dataset DOI: doi:10.18112/openneuro.ds003944.v1.0.1

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Dean Salisbury, Dylan Seebold, Brian Coffman


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