NEMAR is an open access data, tools, and compute resource for finding, assessing and processing human NeuroElectroMagnetic data (EEG, MEG, iEEG) shared by its authors thru


NEMAR offers a suite of data quality assessments and visualizations to help users assess suitability for further analysis. The computed data transforms and measures themselves will soon also be available as BIDS derivative datasets.

NEMAR datasets are available for direct analysis, re-analysis, and/or meta-analysis using the no-cost, high-performance computing resources of The Neuroscience Gateway (NSG), as well as for direct download (as folder zipfiles).

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Octoer 31, 2023
Poster Released
December 08, 2022
Press Released
October 12, 2022
Paper Accepted
  • The manuscript, "NEMAR: An open access data, tools, and compute resource operating on NeuroElectroMagnetic data" has been accepted for publication in DATABASE.
July 28, 2022
New Elsevier journal
July 22, 2022
Papers & seminars on NEMAR and HED
June 17, 2022
NEMAR abstract
  • An abstract on NEMAR was submitted to the Society for Neuroscience meeting, 2022 to be held in San Diego, CA, November 12-16, 2022.