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NEMAR (NeuroElectroMagnetic data Archive and tools Resource) is an NIMH BRAIN Initiative funded data, analysis tools, and compute resource for human electromagnetic brain data (EEG, MEG, iEEG) connected with the OpenNeuro archive of human neuroimaging data (all modalities). Data are formatted according to the BIDS standards (bids.neuroimaging.io) and submitted to OpenNeuro through its website (openneuro.org). NEM data in OpenNeuro are copied to NEMAR, for which the San Diego Supercomputer Center (sdsc.edu) provides cyberinfrastructure resources for storage, high performance computing and services. 

In collaboration with the Neuroscience Gateway project (nsgportal.org), NEMAR will allow its users to:

1. Search through OpenNeuro NEM data using search on dataset metadata including, when available, detailed descriptions of experimental events using the Hierarchical Event Descriptor (HED) system (hedtags.org).

2. Optionally view a range of data statistics, measures, and transforms, to refine data selection.

3. Select datasets and data recordings to include in the user analysis.

3a. Download pointers to the selected NEMAR data that can easily be included in scripts uploaded to the Neuroscience Gateway for processing in a variety of neuroscience compute environments including Matlab, R, Python, EEGLAB, FreeSurfer, etc.


3b. Download the selected NEMAR data for processing on user systems.

4. The NEMAR website uses a HubZero architecture (hubzero.org), which will allow the NEMAR website to integrate user community features including a forum, user-updated news and publication lists, etc.

We welcome inquiries and suggestions from users and potential users.

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