Uploading and downloading files from the command-line

NEMAR supports uploading and downloading individual files and groups of files using any web browser. But for large files and directories, uploads and downloads are easier and faster using the foldershare command-line tool. This tool also supports resumable file transfers to pick up where an interrupted transfer left off, and it can synchronize local and remote directories so that a local copy matches content at NEMAR.

To use foldershare, download the script. The script is written in PHP, so you will need a current version of the PHP interpreter installed (available for all platforms).

Help is available with:

    foldershare help

Upload to NEMAR using:

    foldershare --host nemar.org --username NAME upload LOCAL /REMOTE

Download from NEMAR using:

    foldershare --host nemar.org --username NAME download /REMOTE LOCAL