Numbers and Letters

OpenNeuro/NEMAR Dataset:ds002712 #Files:482 Dataset size:101.8 GB #EEG Channels:52 #MEG Channels:306

BIDS Version: 1.1.1 HED Version: Version: 1.0.1

On Brain life: True Published Date: 2020-04-17 17:27:31 Tasks: NumbersLetters

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T1w, channels, events, meg

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#Sessions: 1 #Scans/session: 4 #Participants: 0 Ages (yrs): N/A License: CC0

Dataset DOI: 10.18112/openneuro.ds002712.v1.0.1

Uploaded by Nicola Molinaro on 2020-04-16 07:54:58

Sara Aurtenetxe, Nicola Molinaro, Doug Davidson, Manuel Carreiras


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    OpenNeuro curator note: This dataset was previously accessible at ds001985. The dataset was reuploaded due to privacy considerations.

    The experiment is composed by two runs We here report the code triggers for each run:

    Run 1: single item 10 = single numbers 15 = single letters 20 & 25 = single false fonts

    Run 2: strings 35 = strings numbers 40 = strings letters 45 & 50 = strings false fonts

    raw files could be split into two files (e.g., run-1 + run-11)